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JPT has always placed high emphasis in computerisation of all its works processes to ensure the client obtains the high value design, efficient, on time, on target and services of the highest quality.

Most JPT�s work processes ranging from engineering design to draughting and clerical works are generally computer aided. The computer to staff ratio in JPT is 1:1 which means all engineers, draughtpersons and secretaries are equipped with one dedicated computer station to perform their daily works.

All computer stations are connected through JPT�s local area network to ensure seamless transfer of knowledge and efficient use of all ICT equipments.

JPT believes that the key to success of every budget lies in effective communications, both internally and with our clients. In order to achieve this, JPT�s office is equipped with internet email and connected to the world wide web. ?

JPT is also constantly upgrading and sourcing for the latest state of the art engineering analysis and CAD software and tools to ensure all design and services are of the highest quality. In addition to that, JPT�s team of engineers are also producing their own in-house software, customized specifically for their project needs.

The following are selection of computer software available in JPT office :



AutoCAD 2007LT
CAD software for draughting purposes.



AutoCAD R14
CAD software for draughting purposes.



In-house third-party software to enhance the capability of AutoCAD for detailing of RC.Beams ?

In-house third-party software to automate generate of structural key plans in AutoCAD.



Water Supply

WaterCAD Ver 7.0
WaterCAD numerical computations are based on research conducted by the U.S. Environment Protection Agency(EPA) Drinking Water Research Division,Risk Reduction Engineering Laboratory, its employees and consultants. As a result, WaterCAD will generate results consistant with the EPA computer program EPANET 2 and is conformable to international standards.
The Water software is purposed to aid engineers in the design and analysis of water distribuition systems, providings an ensemble of tools which enables design and analysis to be done in a quick,efficient and accurate manner.

WaterCAD Provide a consolidated solution by offering the following:

. Pipe and Pump Sizing
. Valve modeling
. Pump simulation
. Automated fire flow analysis
. Leakage and sprinkler modeling
. Product inventory,capital cost and energy analysis
. Water quality analysis( Age,Constituent Analysis,Trace Analysis)



Software for pipe network simulation and analysis developed by WRC, UK.


HEC-RAS ver 3.0
River analysis system software developed by US Army Corps of Engineers for analysis of steady and unsteady state open channel flow. ?


HEC-HMS ver 2.0
Hydrologic modelling software developed by US Army Corps of Engineers. br>

SWMM Ver.5
The EPA Storm Water Management Model(SWMM) is a dynamic rainfall-runoff simulation model used for simulation of runoff quantity and quality from primarily urban area. ?

Road Works

In-house software for generating horizontal and vertical profile of road.

In-house software for balance of cut and fill checks and producing mass-haul program for road works.

Foundation ?

In-house software for designing reinforced concrete spread footing. ?

In-house software for determining the optimum length of pile require for any given sub-soil condition.


  Civil And Structural Analysis

AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008
Latest computer program capable of analyze, design and detailing the civil infastructure and earthwork.



A integrated reinforced concrete structural analysis, design, detailing and quantity take-off software. It serves as an efficient tool for the structural design engineers to carry out their daily tasks. The software provides highly customize and friendly drafting tool for the user to key in the building plan. It then analyses, designs and details the whole building structure automatically. It is capable of performing the following tasks:

. 3-D Analysis of the structural model of the building
. Grid-Line analysis and design
. SLAB analysis
. BEAM analysis
. Wall design and analysis
. Pad and Pile Foundation design and analysis



ESTEEM ver 5.2
Computer program capable of analyze, design and details reinforced concrete structures.


ORION R14 And R15
A structural analysis, design and drafting program developed for the design of building systems. It is capable of performing the following tasks:

. 3-D Analysis of the structural model of the building
. Column, Shearwall and Beam Reinforcement Design
. Column, Shearwall and Beam Detailing
. Foundation Design
. Analysis and Design of Stairs
. Concrete and Steel Quantity Extractions



STAAD III ver 22
Computer program capable of analyze two and three Dimensional multi-storey frame, trusses , finite elements etc.


Autodesk@ Landesktop 3
Computer software capable of analyze infrasturcture earthwork and design.This software also can perform a drawing editing and designing.

In-house software for analysis and design of continuous reinforced concrete beam of up to 15 spans. ?

In-house software for design of prestressed reinforced concrete beam of up to 8 spans. ?

In-house software for determining the stability and structural design of various type of retaining wall (reinforced concrete, rubble pitching, brick, etc.). ?


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